Following closely in the footsteps of the Mirage, the all-new Attrage is another newcomer to the Mitsubishi Family. It is a next-generation compact sedan that offers great maneuverability, a spacious cabin and fuel efficiency and, at the same time, emotion and rationality.

Its next-generation compact sedan styling features a short nose which delivers an outstanding forward field of view and superior maneuverability. its graceful and flowing proportions offer a balance of aerodynamics and interior space that are amongst the most generous in its class.

The Attrage delvers driving pleasure thanks to its agile and pleasing driving dynamics that stem from its lighter weight and efficient 1.2 liter three-cylindar DOHC engine. In addition, it also offers reassuring handling and stability as well as comfortable ride. As a whole, the Attrage is a car for everybody use that provides great value for money while at the same time is equipped with the latest amenities and offers safety and security system and spirited performance in equal measure - a perfect combination that sets new standards in its class and further strengthens Mitsubishi's sedan line-up in Iraq. 

Dimensions & Styling

• Length x Width x Height (mm) 4245 x 1670 x 1515 
• Wheel Base: 2550 mm 
• Body Color Bumper 
• Halogen Head Lamps 
• Front fog lamps (CVT High Line only) 
• High mount stop lamp 
• Laminated Green Windshield Glass 
• Tempered Green front & rear door glass and rear window glass

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